Patient Education

Here are some quick educational videos for many of the common symptoms and diagnoses we treat. We hope you will find them useful in learning about your diagnosis and helpful in deciding when you need a doctor visit.

Sinus Infections

Here is a quick video explaining the difference between a common cold and a sinus infection.


A very nice 3 minute video explaining the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia and how to tell the difference. Dr. Brown does a great job explaining the differences.

Pink eye (Conjunctivitis)

Great quick video by Dr. Cohn explaining the types of conjunctivitis and treatment for each


In this 3-minute video, Dr. Matthews explains the signs and symptoms of UTI and the differences in UTI between men and women. He also gives tips to prevent UTIs in women who have had them more than once.

Seasonal Allergies/Hayfever (Allergic Rhinitis)

Board Certified Allergist Dr. Eitches gives a quick overview of treatment options for allergic rhinitis in this 3 minute video.