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URGENT CARE MD was created by a group of doctors who are Internists, Emergency Physicians, Cardiologists, and Geriatricians. We were all mutually frustrated with the difficulty and inefficiency of patients’ access to care.

We understand that often the process of going to the doctor takes a total of 2 hours or more when travel and wait time are included, and this makes patients less likely to come to see the doctor. In addition, patients have to take time off work and lose not only time but income in the process.
In addition, many of us don’t have insurance, or we have coverage with such high deductibles that you are essentially paying out of pocket. With the overhead of an office and staff, doctors charge prices that are often too high for many patients. We found a way to bring affordable, top quality care into the homes of so many Americans who are underserved currently.

We also are aware that health is so much more than just managing disease. We talked to our patients and asked them their top priorities and from this feedback we created programs for Women’s Health and Men’s Health to serve the specific health needs of each gender. Also, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we are sad to see so few doctors offering active Weight Loss programs including medication, diet, and motivation so we created our own.

Furthermore, health isn’t just about being fit and free from disease but also feeling good about oneself. Again, in response to our patient’s feedback we created our Anti-Aging program for those individuals who are already healthy and are interested in both looking and feeling great. We offer a variety of services to turn back the clock and keep you forever young. As with all of our services, they are available to you directly in your home, no waiting or traveling.
Our goal is to create a different approach to health care. One where the patient is in control both in terms of access and plan of care. We also want to continue to develop programs based on feedback from our patients and their needs. We hope that years from now our children will say to us, “you used to drive and wait to see a doctor?” Let’s make waiting a thing of the past and thriving the path to the future.

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